A Braun Publishing lançará amanhã, 1 de Setembro, a monografia Townhouse Design, focada em projectos que reinventam o pequeno lote urbano, de Nova Iorque a Tóquio. O Chalé das Três Esquinas é um dos projectos destacados nesta publicação: estará disponível nas livrarias, no website da Braun e nas várias lojas da Amazon (US) (UK) (ES).

The Three Cusps Chalet


The Three Cusps Chalet is a Portuguese structure influenced by Brazilian traditions. The intent was to recover the construction’s identity, lost in 120 years of small, unqualified interventions, in order to clarify the building’s spaces and functions while simultaneously making it fit for modern life. A studio is located on the ground floor, while the top floors house the living areas. The open-plan loft is filled with light and dividing walls are kept to a minimum, in order to enhance the size and openness of the space. The use of white paint and a strict selection of natural wood and stone gives the home character, transforming a small dwelling into a comfortable and fresh 21st century home.