Saab Geneva Preview (English)

Saab have given us the first teaser image of the design concept they will unveil at the Geneva Motor Show. In the comments that ensued, Tompa asked one of our resident photoshoppers, Tiago do Vale, whether he might be able to make something more from the section that we saw. (…)

Tiago was tempted beyond resistance and so here we have his work.

Now, all should bear in mind that this is just an exercise in fun and speculation to the highest degree. Tiago himself prefaces his images with the following:

This one is very speculative, of course: the teaser image doesn’t provide any detail and we might even be wrong about the perspective we believe the photo was taken from. But I had a few hours, I know and admire Castriota’s work… and suspect that this concept will be sporty and low slung… sort of a new sonnet.

And so I did it.

I don’t want anyone to believe that the concept could look anything like this – I’m 1000% sure it will not- but it serves the purpose of testing if our ideas about the picture’s perspective are right. I think they probably are: I superimposed the teaser over the chop and it fits!

There you go, Tompa!
And everyone else, too, of course.

My thanks to Tiago for whipping these up and sending them in.



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