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A clear and consistent identity helps build and maintain reputation. Regularly reinforced graphic symbols can convey and increase the strengths of a company.

This is as true for Geely as it is for other leading automobile manufacturers. A strong visual identity can enhance Geely’s ability to attract customers to it’s outstanding products, media coverage, and qualified staff, to engage customer fidelity, and to attract external interest.

To take better advantage of this potential, we developed a new visual identity system that effectively links Geely’s products with the brand and slogan “Geely: Beyong_the value” -a strong asset that we all recognize.

Every member of the Geely’s community plays an important role in bringing this cohesive new identity to life and in maintaining its integrity by applying it consistently throughout all products, merchandising or communications, including in print, web, display, broadcast, and electronic formats.

Rich and profound Chinese Culture is, as is stated on Geely’s International website, the foundation of Geely’s spirit of pursuing continuous development. So, in respect for Geely’s good traditions, we maintained many aspects of the current image: we kept the light blue insert, the color of the broad sky, representing Geely’s unlimited development. The endless universe represented by the dark blue surrounding is also kept, symbolizing Geely’s unlimited excelling.

On the other hand, we changed the branches of sunlight penetrating the triangular shape pointing the sky from six to three. This allows for a better reproduction of the symbol in smaller applications and, at the same time, through the meaning of the number three in Chinese Culture, symbolizes Geely’s forward entreprise spirit and the re-birth of Geely for a bright future, meeting new challenges and building up an enduring foundation of China’s automobile development.

At the same time, we propose a symbol with large, simple and clean metallic surfaces but with delicate detailling, which leads us to an image of quality, technology, modernity, craftsmanship, top design and added value: all core beliefs of the Geely brand. The end result is a beautiful logotype, easy to remember, honoring Geely’s inheritance, with a global international modern taste, suited for these auspicious new times. As the new “Beyond_the value” slogan, this new symbol represents the way Geely always exceeds it’s past, and keeps going, serving as a valuable tool for Geely’s international strategy and the advanced position of the brand in the worldwide market.

The Geely Logotype on top is the primary element of the Geely visual identity system and should appear on all official Geely products or communications. It may not be modified in any way.

This Geely logotype, appearing alone, is the preferred visual representation for the brand.

When greater specificity is needed, a secondary element may be added to the Geely logotype to create a more specific “signature.” Signatures may take one of three forms:

1. An additional graphic element: the brand name

2. An additional typographic element: the slogan

3. An additional typographic element: a unit or department name

The Geely logotype may not be attached to any other type or graphic element other than the signatures described below.

In situations where the logotype needs to communicate the Geely’s name more fully, like on smaller applications, you may use the signature appearing on top.

On slightly bigger applications, the slogan signature can be added.

If the use of the logotype allows for a bigger size, in which the Geely brand is clearly visible by itself, or if a particular layout calls for a vertical centered presentation, we should use the slogan signature alone, under the logotype.

A prescribed amount of clear space around the logotype should be maintained at all times.

No other type or graphic element may appear within the prescribed clear space.

The light blue area represents the amount of space that must be maintained between the logotype and any other element including the edge of a page.

Because of inherent space restrictions in some specific usages, this clear space requirement may have to be modified. For example, the logotype on business cards may be positioned closer to the edge of the card.

The minimum surrounding space requirement is primarily intended to prevent the Geely logotype from being crowded (and thereby trivialized) by other typographic or graphic elements. If the logotype is displayed in a large format, for example, as the primary visual on a banner, the clear space requirement may need to be modified. Good design judgment needs to be employed according to the use.

The Geely logotype and signatures should be produced at a reasonable size to maintain legibility.

For printed materials, the Geely logotype must never be smaller than three centimeters wide. For digital use, the Geely logotype must never be smaller than 150 pixels wide.

Unit signature files are created by starting with a digital Geely logotype template at its standard reference size of eight centimeters in width. At this size, the unit name typography has the following specifications: Century Gothic Book Italic 13 pt. type on 14.5 pt. leading with +50 tracking.

The x-height measurement should be used to establish all the modular distances.

The unit name should not wrap beyond two lines, and its width may not extend beyond the half-width of the Geely brand signature. Exceptions to these rules should be considered only when necessary.

The vertical reference line is found by drawing a vertical rule from the tip of the second “E,” as shown in the inset at left.

It is extremely important for brand success that the Geely logotype and signatures be displayed correctly. This includes always using the correct typefaces and the correct relative positioning and size of all elements.

The examples on this and the following pages illustrate unacceptable displays.

1. Do not distort any portion of the logotype/signature.

2. Do not crop any portion of the logotype/signature.

3. Do not tilt the logotype/signature.

4. Do not rotate the logotype/signature.(An obvious exception to this guideline would be a vertical street pole banner with “Geely” appearing as the primary element in a vertical position by necessity.)

5. Do not rearrange components in the signature.

6. Do not alter the alignment of any component of the signature.

7. Do not alter the relative size of the logotype and the unit signature.

8. Do not alter the typeface of the signature.

9. Do not alter the type style (e.g., from all caps to cap/lowercase) of the signature.

10. Do not add a drop shadow to any part of the signature.

11. Do not stack multiple signatures.

12. Do not violate the minimum surrounding clear space requirements by attaching type or graphics to the logotype.

The primary colors for the Geely visual identity system are Pantone® Reflex Blue, Pantone® Process Black, Pantone® Process Black with a 50% tint, Pantone® Process Cyan. Equivalent color formulas for fourcolor printing and digital media are provided here.

The preferred color treatment for the Geely logotype and signature are shown to the bottom left.

This is a three-color vectorial version of the logotype/signature. It’s fully scalable without quality loss.

A supplementary set of colors has been selected to complement the primary color palette. The colors within this supplementary palette are recommended, but the user is not limited to only these colors.

In special instances Pantone® 877 may be substituted for Pantone® Process Black 50%.

The Geely logotype and signature are available in various combinations of the primary color palette for applications utilizing different printing methods. When using the three-color variations, do not place the logo on any other colors except white, black, or reflex blue.

These are vectorial versions of the logotype/signature. They are fully scalable without quality loss.

1-4. Three-color vectorial version (on black, blue and white):

Pantone® Process Black,
Pantone® Process Cyan and
Pantone® Reflex Blue

(Note that the logotype/signature 4 represents a 3 colored flat application, with no shading.)

When only two colors are available for printing, combinations of the primary palette colors may be used.

Note that when using reflex blue and black, shading should be produced for appropriate details, including the brand signature by using a 50% tint of black.

1. Pantone® Process Black and Pantone® Reflex Blue, over white, with shading

2. Same color break on a cream paper stock and no shading.

3. Pantone® Process Black and Pantone® Process Cyan, over white, no shading

4. Same color break on black, with a simpler version of the logotype/signature, for applications where much detailing isn’t possible (like vinyl cutouts)

5. Pantone® Process Black and Pantone® Reflex Blue, on a photographic background (Note that the photo behind the logo must be simple and neutral enough for the logo to be legible.)

6. Reflex Blue on a mid-toned background that is not in the primary color palette (Note that the background color must be light enough for blue/black to be legible and dark enough for white to be legible.)

When only one color is available for printing, the Geely logotype and signature may only be reproduced in reflex blue, black, or white, as shown in the present examples.

1. Black on a white background, with shading

2. Pantone® Reflex Blue on a white background, no shading

3. White on a black background

4. White on a Pantone® Reflex Blue background, no shading, simpler version

5. White on a Pantone® Process Black 50% background 6. White on a background that is not in the primary color palette

The preferred colors for the signature is always Pantone® Process Black and Pantone® Process Black 50%. Pantone® Process Reflex Blue, Pantone® Process Reflex Blue 50% and white are the only other acceptable color treatments.

1. Do not switch the primary palette colors around among the components of the signature.

2-3. Do not substitute other colors, including those in the supplementary color palette.

4-5. Do not apply a tint to any component of the signature.

The Century Gothic font family has been chosen as the primary typeface for Geely communications. This typeface allows for flexibility and creative expression in text and display.

You do not need this typeface installed on your computer in order to use the Geely logotype and signatures. These will be provided in a variety of ready-to-place graphic file formats. You do need these fonts installed on your computer if you wish to lay out text and headlines for a brochure, for example, or if you wish to build a stationery template for desktop printing.

Should you want to purchase this typeface independently, it’s available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms and may be purchased from -among others- the following source:

International Typeface Corporation

Palatino is a classic and highly readable serif typeface that is provided prepackaged on virtually all word processing systems, making it a logical choice for informal communications internal to the brand.

The Verdana typeface was specifically created to address challenges of computer screen display. It is the preferred typeface for Geely websites.

Verdana is prepackaged on most word processing systems purchased within the last five years.

The 3D logotype was specifically created to be applied on Geely vehycles. The logotype is constituted by a single molded part, painted in it’s recesses.

The exception is the dark blue outer ring, which is an independent part.

In special instances, the outer ring -being it an independent part- may be considered in other colors or materials, different textures or transparencies.

As examples, a more luxurious offer, a special series or a model with a sportier character could benefit from a different outer ring (or even an absent ring), which would underline the exceptional place of the vehicle in the Geely range.

(Note that the pretended effect can only be possible if it is considered as an exception.)

The Geely logotype must appear on the front of all printed communications.

The preferred position is in the upper left corner as shown. As an alternative, the logotype may be placed in the lower left corner.

The cap height should be used to establish the minimum distance between the logotype and surrounding elements. Spaces shown are minimums. Margins may be increased as suits the design.

(Note that squares represent minimum space. These dimensions may be increased as suits the design of each individual application.)

The Geely logotype as well as the unit address should appear on the back of multipage publications in the lower third of the page.

The x-height should be used to establish the minimum distance between the logotype and surrounding elements as shown. Spaces shown are minimums. Margins may be increased as suits the design of each individual application.

Preferred type specs for the address block are 8/11.5 Century Gothic Book, with Bold used to highlight text.

The sample on this page shows front and back covers of a publication with preferred placement of the Geely logotype and signatures. Preferred placement on the front cover is in the upper left corner.

Preferred placement with the address block on the back cover is on the lower third of the page and to the left.

Program, project, or publication titles are allowed flexibility in display, scale, and positioning.

Names should be set in the primary identity typeface shown before.

He are some examples of acceptable uses of the Geely visual identity system on merchandise.

The preferred colors for products displaying the Geely visual identity system are reflex blue, white, gray, or black.

(Note that the white t-shirts have a three-color print with shading, the grey a two-color flat print, and the blue a one-color flat print.)

A standardized banner system allows consistent branding across all Geely websites. It was created for flexible application to existing sites.

The banner system consists of:
Colors: #003399 (blue), #000000 (black), #ffffff (white) or #999999 (gray)
Geely logotype
Informal “watermark,” screened to 15%, with portions faded back as shown

Additional banner elements include:
Navigation items
Department or unit signatures
The preferred typeface for text on websites is Verdana.

The stationery standards provided here are an essential part of the Geely visual identity system and are to be used by all units within the brand.

Geely logotype:
Pantone® Reflex Blue
Pantone® Process Black
Pantone® Process Cyan

Address block text: Century Gothic Book 6/12 pt.
Tracked +25

Size: 21 cm x 29,7 cm

This sheet is used when a letter runs more than one page long.

It contains only the logotype with brand signature, which is an exact replica of what is used on the first page. The example represents the second sheet of the standard letterhead).

Geely logotype:
Pantone® Reflex Blue
Pantone® Process Black
Pantone® Process Cyan

Address block text:
Century Gothic Book 6/12 pt.
Tracked +25

Size: #10 envelope

Other envelopes can be constructed as needed, using these specifications. The position of the logotype and return address maintains the exact position in relationship to the upper left corner as the standard envelope. The address of the recipient ideally positions flush left with the address block and top aligns with the vertical center of the envelope.

Vertical version of Geely logotype:
Pantone® Reflex Blue
Pantone® Process Black
Pantone® Process Cyan

Address block text:
Century Gothic Book 6/12 pt.
Tracked +25

Size: 21 cm x 29,7 cm

Geely logotype:
Pantone® Reflex Blue
Pantone® Process Black
Pantone® Process Cyan

Address block text:
Century Gothic Book 6/8 pt.
Tracked +25

Size: 9,1 cm x 5,5 cm

The standard business card back may contain a cropped informal version of the Geely logotype in a screen of 15% black printed over Pantone® Reflex Blue.

In instances where an individual has two addresses at two completely separate locations, the contact information for each may be printed on reverse sides of the card.

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